workshop ideas: quickies

workshop ideas

A popular option as an alternative to a talk is to choose a ‘quickie’ workshop lasting 1-2 hours. Because the instructions and materials are all in individual kits, you will all enjoy the session, no matter how many members are in your group. 

Sweet As ...

Create a jewel-like richly textured surface using sweet wrappers, organza, gel medium, stencils, metal leaf, a few beads and a bit of help from a heat gun. Think Arabian nights, Indian beetle wing embroideries, lush, colourful and metallic! You will leave with new ideas to use in your work and a small panel for a cad, book cover or wall panel.

Print and Glaze

Inspired by the encaustic technique used on medieval tiles and their patterns we will create a fabric paper fabric surface, add monoprint and coloured glazes. This surface will be used to collage into a small book format.

Hanging Around with Metal

Inspired by the hanging spice bags of the Indian gypsy tribes, create a delicate and bijoux bag. Use a selection of my favourite materials including metal cloth and gilding metal with stitch and beads. The bag is perfect for seasonal gift giving, decorating your Christmas tree, hanging on your wall or in your window.

Get Hot with Angelina 
Make a small panel using fusible fibers’ and film in unusual ways to create impressed and distressed surfaces for you to embellish with stitch and beads.

Lasting Impressions 
Make a small panel using the colour changing and impression making properties of Angelina fibres and enrich with a little simple stitching and beading.

Angelic Scarves 
Apply Angelina fibre patterns with transfer adhesive to a sheer fabric to create a scarf or table runner.

Wiggly Wire Wotsits 
Twist and twirl wires and beads to create a selection of wiggly wires, useful ideas for jewellery and embellishments

Easy-cheaty Knitted Wire Jewellery 
Using pre-knitted wires, learn how to create bracelets, pendants, earrings and more from this versatile medium.

Metal Mesh Bag 
Create a pretty bag or amulet purse from metal mesh, wire and beads.

Wild Wire Weaving 
Make the wildest weaving from metal, metal mesh, wire and beads.

Impressive Metals
Create a truly impressive artwork using metal and beads. Learn how to manipulate metal by adding an embossed pattern, colour with alcohol inks and finally use beading techniques to embellish your piece.

Founding Chains
Learn the basics of crochet using wires and beads to create a colourful and fashionable piece of jewellery. Be careful, the technique can be developed in many ways and may even be addictive!

Tarnished Stitches
Using a variety of fabrics and stitch you will create a textured surface then treat it with Metal Effects paint and Patinas to form a piece reminiscent of worn stone carvings.

Take a stab at it…
Use needle felt techniques to combine ultra-fine reflective copper, Angelina fibres, threads and linen fibres then add a smattering of stitch and beads for a real ‘wow’ factor result.

Antiqued Paper Collage
Use hot wax, irons and paper to create fantastic surfaces for embellishment with hand stitch and beads.

Strip & Spray 
Try new materials and have fun at the same time as creating a lovely embroidered panel. Try out a technique which combines silk cocoon strippings, threads, Angelina fibres, colour and more, then add touches of stitch or beading to complete your creation.

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