workshop ideas: metals, meshes and wires

workshop ideas

Meetings with Metals
Learn to handle, manipulate, colour, distress and stitch metals and take away a range of samples for incorporation intoyour own work or to save as an invaluable ‘how to’ reference for the future. This experimental workshop allows youto become familiar with the distinctive properties of metals and metal meshes as fabrics for use with your sewing machine.

Stitched Metal Panel in a Day
Use the reflective, light-catching surfaces of copper, aluminium or pewter metal shims and your sewing machine to create a unique panel with a lively, highly textured surface for your wall. You will learn how to stitch into metal and to use soluble film.

Richly Stitched
Velvet and metal are such perfect partners! In this workshop you will use machine stitching to create a rich, luscious, embroidered panel on velvet using metal and metal fabrics enhanced with a smattering of beads.

‘Easy-Peasy’ Gilding Techniques
Gilded surfaces add a lush richness to any project, whether used sparingly or in a more ‘full on’ fashion.
Gilding metals can be applied to your textiles in a variety of ways, and with different finishes.
We will explore these and then create a small panel using gilding, stitching and beading.

Image, Print, Play
Add images and pattern onto metal using various techniques including using an inkjet printer. You will use
several methods of attaching images to metal and some quick and simple techniques for working directly onto photographic images. You have the opportunity to use these experiments to develop a piece or you could concentrate on producing a book of samples which will be useful later.

What Lies Beneath ...
Layer fabrics over a base of metal, machine stitch and cut back through the layers to reveal what was hidden.
You will create a deceptively simple piece and stitch into metal with no worries about using metal together with
your sewing machine. Complete your piece with a little surface decoration of stitch or other embellishment.

Wild Wire Weaving
Weave wire and metal foils and beads to produce excitingly textured and sculptural surfaces.
A great introduction to manipulating metals, meshes and wires using a simple technique with impressive possibilities for development.

Slash and Burn
Transform metal fabric by clothing it in melted and textured materials and create a panel, three dimensional sculpture, vessel, lamp cover or spice bag using a combination of woven metals, sheer fabrics, Lutradur, burning techniques, machine appliqué and hand embellishments.

workshop ideas

Founding Chains  
Create intricate lace-like chains and structures from wires and beads which are perfect for pendants, necklaces and embroidery embellishments. Use the simplest technique for a fantastic and addictive result.


Tangled Treasures  
Proof that no matter whether you can knit or crochet before this day, you can produce some wonderful ‘tangled treasures’ with fine coloured wires and beautiful glass beads. This is an experimental workshop during which you will learn to knit, crochet and wrap to create small treasures which may be for jewellery, small hangings or accessories for your embroideries.


More Hooking  
If you are ‘hooked’ on crocheted wire techniques, then choose this day to explore more advanced crochet techniques with wire and beads! Create delicate, shimmering jewellery or wild, bold structures from the same starting points.


Twists and Turns  
A new twist on coiling!  
Fantastic coiled fabric structures grow to become vessels, sculptures or hangings using scrap fabrics, textured threads, wires and paint effects.
These structures can be free standing if they are strong, attached to a background and incorporated into a piece or hung to allow the gaps in-between to show to advantage. If working on a small scale the pieces can be jewellery, corsages or embellishments for a piece. The choice is yours!

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