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I can't physically get to everyone to evangalise the joys of working with interesting surfaces for stitch.
What I can do, however, is to write books and articles for magazines.
Here are those which are currently available:

All available from me, or Amazon of course!

Stitch, Fibre, Metal and Mixed Media
Shows how to use textile based and mixed media techniques to create beautiful artworks featuring various forms of metal. There are seven stunning projects including a memory lampshade, bauble pods, decorative panels and a cover for a tablet device. Textile artists everywhere will be inspired by the individual surface created, and by the developments which take the ideas further. An invaluable resource for textile artists hungry for new ideas.
ISBN 9781844487622


Between the Sheets with Angelina
(A workbook for fusible fibres)
This is the classic and definitive workbook for 'Angelina Fibres'. 
It is packed with a wealth of technique ideas suitable for the embroiderers or crafters.
This 'workbook for fusible fibres' takes you through ideas, techniques & projects with detailed explanations and over 140 full colour photos. A real adventure with Angelina.
ISBN 9780954120931


The Continuous Thread of Revelation
(An evolution of work)
This book encompasses many strands of memories, reflections, connections and experiences. 
The book describes the creative journey of Alysn from her childhood stitching lessons with her Grandmother to her success in the art field.
The book is full of stunning 4-colour photographs showing the richness and detail of Alysn’s work.


This Lustre'd Cloth
(A fibre artist's workbook of metals)
Everything you need to know about metal and metal fabrics as a textile medium.
What metals to use, how to handle them, how to stitch, colour, patinate and more.
ISBN 978955404818


My most recent articles in magazines
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Workshop on the Web (Approx. March 2015)
Down Under Textile (Approx. Feb 2015)