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Taking Textiles Further with Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

‘Alysn has a lively and exploratory approach to her art which enables her work to evolve and grow all the time. This approach has also given her a depth of understanding and a high level of skill in the use and application of materials such as metals with machine stitchery. This approach is something that she encourages in others through the exhibitions in her gallery, her books and workshops, in a lively and committed way.’      
(Hilary Bower)

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Join in with my range of practical courses, designed to ‘take textiles further’.
The courses make use of many of my favourite materials, explore a range of practical skills and design techniques. They can be taken over one day or take more time to develop techniques, design and projects by extending the exploration over two or more days.
I make sure that the sessions are suitable for the level of your group so that you get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from our time together.

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