workshop ideas: freestyle machine embroidery

workshop ideas

For all freestyle machine embroidery ‘virgins’,
here are great workshops which will enable you to explore and most importantly, enjoy, free machine embroidery techniques.

Getting to Know You ...
This is a day especially created for people who are less confident with their free motion machine embroidery skills, discover how to be in complete control of your sewing machine. 
Use different stitches, change the tension and use a variety of threads to create intricate details on your samples and assemble these into a lovely machine embroidered panel.


To Sweetly Stitch  
Make the most of an excuse to eat sweets with coloured foil wrappers (if you need one) - do it for your art! 
Use sweet and chocolate wrapping foils combined with sheer fabrics, machine embroidery and more to create a richly embroidered and embellished surface. 
You could aim for a bag, a dress panel or simply an exotic embroidered surface.


Trapped Scraps  
Bring your scraps of threads, paper, sweet papers and plastics, fabrics and lace etc. back to life by snipping, layering, cutting, stitching and beading to finish. Experiment with surfaces and finishes then develop a wild and wonderful panel using simple shapes and patterns.

For details, booking and contact information, go to 'get in touch'.


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