art works: the continuous thread

This series of pieces visualises some of my favourite quotes. I commonly find myself using words and phrases to stimulate the development of work. Writers and artists leave behind words which resonate with my feelings.

Many works are composed of evocative forms and figures incorporated into surfaces articulated with complex, undulating, knotted and interwoven designs and text. Patterns emerge slowly as the work is viewed through gentle, yet obsessive, mazes exploiting the boundaries of the surfaces and creating subtle combinations often through dense, repeating and interlocking pattern based designs.
Patterns and figures in the works are derived from personal markings such as fingerprints and body markings along with the working of a mostly unconscious human ancestral memory and through to the pixelization of an image creating a mosaic of forms and patterns which appear to move and change swaying in the tides of unseen forces. 

'the continuous thread of revelation' : 2006 media: copper/bronze/thread: size: 100 x 200cm: price: £1,500.00/NZ$3,000.00: available

'the continuous thread of revelation': detail

'leap after leap': 2006 : media: copper/bronze/thread: size: 70 x 320cm: price: £1,250.00/NZ$2,500.00: available
'leap after leap' detail

'time to see' : sold

'time to see' detail

'in touch with silence' : 2006: size: 65 x 270cm: media: copper/bronze/thread: price: £1,250.00/NZ$2,500.00: available

'in touch with silence' detail

'all aglow in the work': 2006: media: copper/bronze/thread: size: 75 x 225cm: price: £1,250.00/NZ$2,500.00: available

'all aglow in the work' detail

'personal journeys': sold
'personal journeys': sold

detail from 'rather proud' : sold


David said...

Beautiful art work...!

taillor said...

Spesialist from Pro-papers says that these works of art take place in modern history of art. These works are wonderful. I admire them for a very long time