Monday, 4 February 2019

Going Down Under 2019

In the midst of  hours of paperwork sorting out my antipodean travelling for 2019, I thought that I would like to thank all of the organisers of the Australian retreats which I am visiting this year. When I think about the amount of paperwork and checking I do just for me - imagine the job of conference convenors for all of the fabulous events and symposiums that are arranged for you and I to participate in! I think a huge 'CHEERS' should go to all of you. THANK YOU again for asking me to join your events. It is wonderful and I love it. (I don't love filling out visa applications, but that's a small price!)

In 2019 I have 2 trips to Australia covering 5 venues. I am looking forward to seeing lots of new places and meeting new people and possibly learning some new vernacular. (Doona sticks in my mind from the last visit)

My first trip to Tasmania - I've been told lots of fabulous things and met a few wonderful people from Tasmania. I'm teaching with Stitching and Beyond from the 6th to the 9th April.

Then a little hop over to an event which I confidently expect to be creative as all heck - Fibre Arts Australia at Ballarat. From the 11th to the 18th April I'm excited to be joining a host of skilled tutors at this event. I'll be looking at ways to be more spontaneous, to observe but not get bogged down in the detail and to enjoy the flow of lines in pen and stitch.

After a sojourn back in NZ, I have a longer flight to Perth. How amazing to be going to the Fibres West event . It looks as though I'm full, but it's never a waste to get on a waiting list as things do happen!
And, several years into the planning, I am finally getting to visit Moira at Evocative Arts in Adelaide. I was super excited watching a house programme about Adelaide recently knowing that I'd get to see it for real pretty soon! This is a specially created, busy, bright and fun technique based workshop called Rich and Lustrous Surfaces from the 15th to the 18th July.

Then a hop and a skip back cross country to Newcastle and a 3 day event on the 20, 21 and 22 July at Timeless Textiles. We will be thinking about space, stitch and pattern.

Beach Pebble Form study by Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

Anyhow, back to that visa application!!!