Monday, 27 June 2016

Angelina at the Koala Convention

Splendid character villas along the street in Brisbane.  

So, here I am at my first year at the Koala Convention, Brisbane, Queensland , Australia.
Amongst such dignitaries as Jane Nicholas, Margaret Lee and Karen Torrisi, my mixed media work is definitely on the experimental end of the offering, but isn't that what makes for such inclusive and exciting events? We are seeing workshops in traditional stitching from many world and historical traditions, felting brought up to date with Katia Mokeyeva using electrical sanders (!) - saves a lot of back breaking I understand.
The first two day workshop was all about Angelina fibres and cranking up the heat with irons, heat guns, soldering irons and naked flames, called 'The Crown Jewels Gone Mad'.
A few of the burnt offerings created, or at least underway after experiments suggested by me and developments worked out by the participants are here.

From Kerry:

Kerry 1

Kerry 2
 From Edith:
Edith 1
Edith 2

Dale getting almost overheated!
Dale 1
Dale 2
Proving that using the leftovers can be at least as exciting as the planned pieces ... just begging for a few embellishments to become a great finished piece.
Aiga concentrating hard ...

And working on a great, textured and eyecatching work.

Lovely colours and textures.

 Christina was working towards a free hanging sculpture:

Christina 1
Jane was inspired by the iridescence and the idea of coral and tropical fish by her experiments:

Jane 1

Jane 2

Jane 3

Joananne's pieces were so much better in life than these images taken in low light at the end of the day. Thank you for being a delight to spend time with.

Joananne 1

And the prize for the biggest smile goes to Roberta! Can't you just see the pleasure?

The venue this year is Brisbane Girls Grammar:

Next year the event moves north to the holiday venue of Airlie Beach, gateway to the Whitsundays, north Queensland, go to the website to see what events and tutors you can't miss!

Two more workshops to deliver, kilos of excess weight from the food to loose, more keen people to meet and textile 'needs' shopping to do!

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