Friday, 10 January 2014

New Year, New Book.


Christmas cake, baked and decorated by Amber and Bryony
The Christmas holidays have always been very special to us as a family. It has always been a time when we bring our family right into focus.
We enjoy decorating the house and the tree, preparing the food, buying and wrapping all of the presents with cryptic clues for the recipients.
In recent years adjustments have had to be made as grandparents and inlaws have gradually passed on and our move to New Zealand has meant that our numbers have reduced from hosting Christmas Day for 20 plus to just Brian, the three children and I.

Christmas lights on Franklin St, Auckland

Some of that is compensated for by the children being old enough to join in with buying gifts for each other and adding to the fun of choosing fun and relevant gifts and having intercontinental present opening times via skype, and having a picnic on a beach for Christmas lunch is a very pleasant experience.


Beach picnic on Christmas Day. Baked and prepared by Bryony.
This year was especially poignant for Brian and I as I suspect that it may well be one of the last Christmases for a while that we are all together. Next year it may well be that 2 of the 3 children are away at work or abroad at university and may not be able or willing to be with us. So we made sure it was as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

With the passing of the New Year thoughts return to stitch etc. The first task has been to move my studio space. Just from one room to another, but, I hadn't felt settled or comfortable in the set up I had so decided to move things around. I am hopeful that this will be a good start to the year, if I can only stop the family from using my tables and electrical sockets for their computers etc. (It is not as if they don't have other space, but everything seems to gravitate to my area, rather like the kitchen at parties!)
In doing this I discovered the mending pile. Buttons have been found for the missing ones, broken zips replaced (a job I hate!), converting trousers into shorts, mending seams and taking up hems has all been done, hopefully for the year.

Old jeans, new winter throw!
I was also left with a pile of old jeans which were now unusable as jeans and I simply could not bear to throw them away. I had a good amount of a fleece fabric left over from making a throw last year and decided to make a quick patchwork throw ready for the winter. Only took a day and I feel 'cleansed' and very righteous having not wasted any fabric.

I know that it is not new or clever, and I have seen some fabulous creations from jeans.
Has anybody got any other pictures and ideas to share with me for next time the scrap denim collection builds up?

The main excitement this week was the arrival of the advance copy of my book from Search Press. What a great start to the year!

Stitch, Fibre, Metal and Mixed Media by Alysn Midgelow-Marsden
Watch this space for a great giveaway I will be doing along with the book, just as soon as I get my hands on more copies! More information to follow very soon.

Happy New Year, may 2014 be kind to you.