Friday, 4 November 2011

Exhibition at Deda

Here are just a few pictures of my exhibition hanging at Deda in case you are too far away or just don't have time to get there.
If you visit their website, check out the information about the withdrawal of their funding by the council and what you can do to add your voice to the protests - here

I think that it looks great - plenty of space and light for the pieces.

The pieces are all from the 'Continuous Thread of Revelation' and the 'Restriction and Release' series both of which are concerned visualising with the feeling and words which I associate around time split between 'normal' life and 'creative' time. As I am sure is the same for everyone, time and life is not split easily into separate categories.
My mind wanders whilst walking the dog or driving - so quick capture that thought:
Household or domestic jobs which need attending to intrude into time spent in the studio:
Balancing acts between all of  life's diverse aspects are visualised as sections of the canvas and patterned, patched, distorted and stitched ....

The full statement is more wordy - read it if you wish:
I work primarily in copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel and pewter in both metal shims and woven metal fabrics; often altering the original surface by burnishing, texturing, printing, patterning and patinating.

Many unusual materials such as soluble fabrics, heat distress-able materials, dyes, paints, embossing powders and image transfer media are subtly incorporated to develop the surfaces, textures and messages I wish to achieve.  By combining these materials with textile and embroidery techniques I reveal new dimensions of textiles in contemporary works which exploit the boundaries of these surfaces creating subtle combinations explored through dense, repeating and interlocking pattern based designs.

Many works are composed of evocative forms and figures incorporated into surfaces articulated with complex, undulating, knotted and interwoven designs and text. Patterns emerge slowly as the work is viewed resulting in warm harmonies through subtly gentle, yet obsessive mazes at once disconcerting and fascinating.

Patterns and figures derived from personal markings such as fingerprints and body markings along with the working of a mostly unconscious human ancestral memory and through to the pixelization of an image, create a mosaic of forms and patterns which appear to move and change swaying in the tides of unseen forces.

A happy invention of form and daring conceptualization conspire in these pieces to combine a composition of lines and geometric patterns with a narrative which considers the spark of creativity and its’ constraints in real life.

Upstairs is another exhibition by artist Barbara Bristow -who says that she usually works in bright colours, but has chosen, very successfully to restrict herself to purely black and white primers - allowing them to dribble, splash, run and merge to create very organic, intricate absorbing canvases.