Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Almost toast myself

My Burnt Offering this month was to almost be toast myself!
I went climbing at Black Rocks in Derbyshire the other week. I had been belaying all evening and thought it would make a change to climb myself – so I started up, and eventually with much puffing, complaining and expectation of falling, made it to the top. The climb if you are at all interested was Lone Tree Gully. (UK Trad S4a grade) -apparently not all that hard!.
Much to my embarrassment a local photographer, Pete Reeves, was also taking pictures of me. Here we are:

Alex making it safe and preparing to have a good laugh at my expense.

Me - pretending to know what I am doing
See the book on the rock at the bottom? It felt further than that at the time!

The rest of the early part of August was taken preparing for the Quilt Show at the NEC. This was my second year as a demonstrator and teacher at the show. Though I am not a quilter, I did make an art quilt last year for the show, it was dedicated to my son, who was about to embark on his first year of university and who both loves climbing (therefore the above incident) and is a terrible procrastinator. So I chose the theme of climbing for the visual impact and a quote often heard of Nelson Mandela’s
‘Vision without action is dreaming,
 action without vision is just passing time,
but with vision and action you can change the world’.
Whilst I am not expecting him to change the world in a big way, just getting on with converting his dreams into actions would be fine for me! (Is that a normal parental reaction to boys, or just mine?)
The overall Vision, Action, Change  'quilt'


More details

Even more details

The piece is nearly 2m long and 1.2m wide. It is made from stainless steel fabric, some dyed Lutradur and lots of machine and hand stitch. Whilst it won no prizes, it was very satisfying for me and I hung it on my stand this year, where it looked much better in fact and was admired by at least some of the many, many visitors to the show.
I sold out of  my new pack called 'Richly Stitched’, designed to be an introduction to stitching with metals and allows you to create a lovely, lush panel on a canvas like this one:

We have now made more and they are available from The Beetroot Tree. Click here to find them.

Enticing Entrapment Vessels - fill with something special please!
I was teaching 2 workshops, a short version of ‘Not So Standard Angelina’ and ‘Enticing Entrapment’ which is a quick taster about Evolon, FuseFX and Transfer Foil, with the end result being a cute little container. One lady was taking it on her impending trip to Hong Kong and hoped it would be filled with diamonds! (Might have to try that one myself!)
A sample from the 'Not So Standard Angelina' taster.