Monday, 16 October 2017


A trip over to the pretty heritage town of Devonport just across the water from Auckland on Friday night to see the 'GLOW' Festival.
More than 100 second-year Architecture students from Unitec Institute of Technology transformed Devonport’s Windsor Reserve into an outdoor gallery of light installations as part of Auckland Artweek.

The students designed and prefabricated a diverse range of light pavilions working to a zero budget, zero waste brief.  

Some were better planned and executed than others, as you would expect, but contained intriguing aspects. Cool to see the ideas and innovations developed on a zero budget.

Thousands of biodegradable cups stapled into orbs creating a tunnel of light. This was the outside.

And from the inside, no camera tricks.

Projected colour onto reflective surfaces, with shadows as people moved across the space

Bags of coloured gels sweeping over the overhead projector created the colours

A tunnel of plastic bags

From the inside ...

There was also a stage for fire dancing – ably critiqued by my son who occasionally still gets out his fire poi and devil sticks for our entertainment – though not as much as I would like. He knew names of the moves and gave a running commentary on the quality or otherwise of the performances! Performances were by Dragon Poi, Lucent Entertainment, Precision Pyromancy and Auckland Fire Dancing .
You Tube: 

And we were just about visible on the national news feature – in the background with my back turned! We were walking through a lit bamboo structure which was probably our favourite. 

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