Thursday, 26 October 2017

A mindful moment

No workshops, no art even today, I simply wanted to share with you a recent moment of peace and quiet.
It is not that these moments are necessarily rare, or that I am so overworked that I don't get to take much appreciated times out, in fact most mornings I take the dogs down to the bay and almost always there are sparks and swirls of pleasure to be found. Today I was thinking about a friend whose life has been chaotic, tiring and too, too busy recently, feeling rather impotent to help and glad I wasn't her, hoping that she can hold together just a little longer when the worst should be over.

Sunshine after rain 
Last week the dolphins came to play for me, a wondrous highlight to observe their sleek, swift and playful antics.

This morning the sea was calm, the light  little hazy and somehow the sounds around were muted.

Calm waters

It felt so removed from everywhere, encouraging me to take more time than usual to observe the gentle, subtle patterns and textures in the sand created from differences in the colours of the grains of sand; from the tidemarks created by varieties of shells and their remnants; from rivulets of water running over the sand.

Not to mention the intricate layering within the rocks I clamber across and the organisms clinging to them.

No flaming sunrise or crashing storm waters. No dolphins playing this morning.
Simple peace and simple quiet.
A little precious time.
Find these moments for yourself when you can, be grateful of them, help them to ground you.

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