Thursday, 28 July 2016

Rip, Stitch, Burn (and Bash) Day 3 of 5

On the third of a five day course for the Kowhai Arts and Craft Group, originally called 'Rip, Stitch, Burn', we added a forth word 'bash' because we spent a little time manipulating metal wires to reflect some of the drawings they had created in Day 1 and 2, just as an extra bit of fun.
The main emphasis today was to add another technique and to brush up on machine stitching skills, then to start to investigate the individual projects that the participants were considering.
For the technique part of the day we used metal foils from chocolate wrappers bonded to fabric, layered this with man-made sheer fabrics, stitched these then burned them away using heat guns and soldering irons. Here is Gill doing the fun part:

Gill doing a bit of burning
And if that video isn't working, here's the one on You Tube.

The result

And a few of the other transformations:

Christine's 'before'

And 'after'

Somehow I didn't manage to get pictures of the manic grins which were in evidence whilst we were hammering wires - you will just have to imagine those.

The later part of the day was devoted to beginning the journey of discovering what it was about our starting points and ideas for inspiration which we wanted to bring out in the piece. To start this we developed a 'word sketch' and described this to the group. The immediate feeling is one of worry, that 'my ideas aren't good enough, or deep enough etc. but by spending a short time thinking about the questions I posed, it was evident that we all had some really interesting ideas. These ranged from flight, an unknown grandfather, fossils, tattoos, music and 'digging deep'. Everyone was then sent home to do a little more structured reflection so that when we meet again we will have identified the key points of interest for each person and be ready to begin to translate those into a visual form. I am excited to see where these take us.

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