Monday, 18 April 2016

World of Wearable Art Deadline Approaches.

A brief update on the progress of my ‘dress’ for World of Wearable Art. The deadline is suddenly looming and I am taking longer than I had hoped to move forward on the piece. I am not sure why, but it seems to be hard to make decisions about it. The translation from a drawing and the ideas in my head are causing some hold-ups in the physical progress. So it is still touch and go as to whether it gets completed in time.

A fine net as the underlayer to hold the metal cloth in place

Dress front

Dress back
The woven strips are coming along. I think I may add some spots of silver with tiny sequins to catch the light in areas on these. That is to be tonight's experiment.

Heat treated stainless steel, woven around plastic
I have also been experimenting with metallic threads, reflective tapes and soluble fabric, but have not enough threads to finish the project, so have ordered more and got my fingers very crossed for a quick delivery from Australia.  
The tape looks grey in some lights and reflective white in low light. I have no idea whether this will work on stage, but it is worth a try.

A really bad image of the reflective tape.
 And I have started work on the cloak, but decided today that it would work well with areas of metallic thread worked on more soluble film. 

Starting points for the cloak.

So, I have my tasks set out, better get back to the sewing machine.


Sandra Hall Smocking said...

Very impressed

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden said...

Thanks Sandra. I know that you too know all about deadlines and working all hours!