Monday, 18 May 2015

Sunshine after rain

Whether knowingly or not, the week conspired to send me positivity in bucket loads. 
So, a thank you to those of you who sent me messages about the last post, thank you to my regular Thursday class who were on great form last week, thank you to the buyer of one of my pieces from Mairangi Art Centre, thank you to the artist who carved a beautiful paddle which I fell in love with and which is now my first Maori art piece, thank you to the ladies from the Warkworth textile group who really got to grips with metal and machine stitching and at the same time made my weekend visit such fun (even introducing me to the delicious Lumberjack cake - I really need that recipe!).

Thanks to Gill for organising the weekend and looking after everyone so brilliantly

Gill's piece is combining a print she had made with coffee cups and some scraps from my box. This is going to be a lovely piece very soon!

Sari silk, wine bottle tops and a little metal fabric in this lively piece.
A book cover on the way, using sweet papers and an embossed aluminium food tray on a fabulous old blanket

One half of another book cover, embossed metal shim, metal cloth, velvet, rust dyed book cloth and hessian scrim. Going to be wonderful very soon.

Book covers were really in vogue this weekend. The copper curls are still under the soluble film, just a few beads and sequins to add now


Music ran deep in this family so the symbols are absolutely spot on.

More book covers ...

Margaret was the very first NZ embroiderer who contacted me, and despite claiming she had owned that sewing machine for 30 years, had used it about 10 times, and had never free stitched before  - see below ...

... this will be beautiful with more curls, beads and goldwork stitching. Well done Margaret.
It was Christine's brother's birthday that evening, and despite claiming that she had never stitched before, or sewn a bead on, she certainly made the most of this tin can picked up from outside the hall ...

... this is his birthday card!

And ... the sun really came out on Saturday morning via a phone call from Ronnie who organises the 'Changing Threads' exhibition in Nelson. My work (Negative Space II) has been awarded the best in show Bernina Award for the most creative entry using a sewing machine in the 'Changing Threads' Contemporary Fibre Art Awards.
The exhibition is held at the Refinery Artspace, Nelson, NZ from 16 May to 6th June 2015.
This show has gone from strength to strength over the last 7 years and is the most prestigious textile art show in New Zealand. Their mantra, 'Encouraging fibre & textile artists to produce creations which challenge the public perceptions of work that is traditionally associated with these media’, is one which I wholeheartedly agree with and suspect that you will too. The details will be on the exhibition website in a few days at:

Negative Space II by Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

This is the statement for the piece:
The work is one of a series which explore visualising the internal emotional environment entered into whilst developing work. These pieces can be viewed as meditative and quiet, calm and focused, pieces which depict the internal space entered into when concentrating on a subject or really connecting with mental processes for learning and creating, a positive, welcoming place, separate from other pressures in the external environment or an entrapped, immobile, negative space which is akin in some ways to the place retreated to during depressive, anxious times.
The depicted figures are fetally curled, backs turned, heads down and eyes closed. They are drawn in thread on backgrounds of patched, patterned and textured stainless steel cloth with patterns derived from the gaps between spaces created by repeating and reversing the figures.

What can I say - perhaps (with apologies to Kim T for pinching her catchphrase) -WOO HOO!!!
Wishing you all a good week too.


Jenny Williams said...

Congratulations on the award! Are there any classes or plans for workshops online? I'm in the US - can't get to NZ or UK - I have worked very little with metal, but I love it and would love some guidance/urging/advice from you.

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for that.
No plans for online just at the moment, really sorry. However, I am trying to sort out some teaching venues in the US, though nothing definite as yet. I will certainly post as soon as I have any news on that. Do you have any groups/venues/events near to you who I could talk to?

Maggi said...

Congratulations on the award and the inspiration you gave to your students too.