Monday, 16 March 2015

What are my personal colours?

I am just embarking on a new piece of work for a self portrait exhibition. For this I want to explore the symbolism and meanings of colour in order that the colours and proportions of colour in the portrait are a fit for me.
I found it hard to think of myself in colour in a dispassionate manner. I am also trying to avoid just choosing colour groups which I enjoy using in my work or dress in etc. 
What are my real colours?
So last week in my Taking Textiles Further Class, we spent a few minutes on the challenge of thinking about the other class members and what colour their 'aura' would be. Avoiding symbolic colours, the colours of their clothes, the colours which were being used in the pieces we are also making. Everyone made their own choices without reference to anyone else. 
I have just blocked out the colours in a strip for each one of us.
When we meet this week I will lay out the colour charts and see if we can recognise each other in this form.
Who is who? or what personality would you ascribe to the colour strips below? I would be interested to know.

I know that this is only a very quick starting point and that we are all very complex, colours have different associations depending on many factors, including how we perceive them, let alone our culture, upbringing, etc. And we will be discussing some of these ideas and moving through a couple of other exercises to develop a deeper idea of our personal colours when we next get together.
A really interesting start and I am also ready to consider further my scheme for the portrait. 
More to follow on this.


Anonymous said...

Based on having met you for one day workshop, one mini workshop at Ali Pally and one talk (i.e. almost nothing!) I'd say you have to be the top or bottom one!

I did a textile self-portrait once but colours weren't really a big issue because it was based on one Picasso's 'blue period' pictures so it it was all tones of the same shade - although I went for purples and mauves rather than blues. Great fun.

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden said...

It is really interesting to hear your choice/s, so, why would I be either the top or bottom? Do you have thoughts about what personality traits might be associated for you at least with the colour schemes?
Great also to know that you remember the courses we have had together, I hope you enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, not exactly sure but I felt you needed LOTS of colours because there's lots of facets to your personality and your life - and you also needed lots of vibrancy - so the sweet pastels one just wasn't going to cut it. Something about the top one also seemed to work especially well with New Zealand - but I've never been there so don't ask me why! LOL!