Thursday, 4 December 2014

Personal Statements workshop

My last workshop in the UK for 2014 was at the Art Van Go studio in Knebworth. We spent two days using metal cloths in copper, brass, bronze and steel. It was coloured, printed, embossed and layered with Lutradur (not necessarily all on the same piece), then patched, pieced and collaged into a new panel. The initial idea is to have a favourite phrase or saying to work around, though as ever, everyone goes off on their individual journeys and produces pieces they are happy with. Experience levels varied but everyone produced lovely, unique work. 

Detail from a piece made using mostly distressed Lutradur. Lovely layering and gentle colours.

Coming on well, especially as Jen spent a large part of the time either at the emergency dentist or in pain. Hope you are better!

Going to be a lamp cover inspired by the lamp in 'Stitch Fibre, Metal and Mixed Media'. Lovely monoprinting in the centre.

Great colours and beginning to integrate the layers and patterns

From a spinner with no previous experience of free machining or mixed media work. I have always said anyone can do it.
Susie concentrated on the gorgeous textures and colours in the steel cloth.

This silver river morphed into an urban canal feel.
Rich, Victorian perhaps. Began life as an Alice in Wonderland theme!
One piece becomes many -the more you do the more you play, the better your feel for the materials etc.
A gentle, considered piece. Apparently not running true to type, so each step was harder than working in familiar ways. But just look at the result!

Another newbie to mixed media textiles and free stitching. Fabulous.

Detail from above. See the use of automatic writing for the words. Use the tools you have.

It was fantastic to be able to see so many friends and new faces, I'm back now in New Zealand and putting up the Christmas tree, lights and decorations in the sunshine and off to the beach with the dogs.. 
Happy Christmas and bye for now.

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SheilasEmbroidery said...

Lovely pieces from the workshop. Great to see you. Have a fabulous Christmas.