Sunday, 26 October 2014

Change happens ...

Without commenting on the lamentable state of my sketches, these drawings were the starting point for my sculpture 'Change' installed at the Kaipara Sculpture Park until November 2015.

I envisioned oversized, textured cocoon-like structures using stainless steel metal cloths, textured by twisting, folding, pleating and stitching. The forms occasionally quivering involuntarily.
The forms are suspended under the spreading branches of a tree. Some are intact; others show the first signs of splitting open, ripe for revelations of the secrets contained within the forms.
The outer surface is intriguing, imprinted in the outer form are both the remnants of the larvae which formed the cocoon and suggestions of the adult which will emerge.

What to say about the making and installation of this piece? Well, not a lot really. The conception, making and installation went very smoothly and I am still in a little shock after the shenanigans with ‘Light Dancing’ at the Harbourside Sculpture Trail in March. Perhaps installation on land is just easier? Perhaps a chat with my technical support team (Brian) before sending in the proposal was useful? Anyhow, they are all ready for viewing under a perfect willow tree.

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden. 'Change' textile sculpture
Beginning to arrange the individual cocoons.

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden. 'Change' textile sculpture
Technical support team!
I am delighted with the way each cocoon catches the light, shows a shadow of the internal structures and quivers with each breath of air. If you can't get to the site, see pictures of the complete installation at art works: 'Change'


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