Monday, 8 September 2014

Exhibition at NorthArt

I am proud to introduce my first solo exhibition in New Zealand and would like to extend you an invite to the exhibition from 8th to 19th September at the NorthArt Gallery. (

I use combinations of textile art techniques, metal, metal cloth, gilding, print and stitch to create often dramatic, thoughtful, intense yet aesthetic works which defy any stereotypical notions of stitched textiles.

All invited:

This exhibition comprises works from two new collections, ‘Presence and Absence’ and ‘Negative Spaces’.
The  ‘Absence and Presence’ pieces are warm, flowing and inviting with simple marks derived from studies of rivers and figures and a suggestion of Oriental sensibility.  The glowing gilded lines interact with warm textures and colours of silk surfaces and the deceptive delicacy of translucent metal fabrics.
The ‘Negative Spaces’ collection depicts figure which are fetally curled, backs turned, heads down and eyes closed. Created from stainless steel cloth, heat treated and punched though with fibres, heavily patterned and stitched, this series continues an exploration in visualising internal emotional environments.
Lovely to see some of you at the preview, and thanks your comments.
If you are interested in meeting me at NorthArt when you do visit, please contact me (, 0223 186750) to organise a convenient time to meet.

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Maggi said...

So glad to see you making your mark in your new home. How nice too would be to be able to teleport over. Hope it goes well.