Monday, 18 August 2014

Next steps after workshop sessions

Always a delight to see work which has been inspired by a session with me. So thanks to Cath and Tony who brought in pieces to show me.
Cath attended a workshop using metal and reverse appliqué techniques, then later made a piece based on the Nottingham cave system. In a departure from her characteristic purples, pinks and turquoise, Cath has used rich but muted oranges, golds, browns and coppers. She has however stuck firmly to her favourite embellishing techniques for the background!

Go Cath!
Plan view of Nottingham caves

Coloured and embossed copper with cutaway velvet and beads

Tony attended the 'Crown Jewels Gone Mad' course in which we spend the day melting,burning, embossing and generally destroying Angelina fibres. Tony is known for his meticulous detail and precision, also for working in very delicate colours, so his colour selection in this fantastical underwater scene was a departure from his comfort zone also.

Go on -smile Tony, it won't hurt! (I think he was just a little shy)

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Maggi said...

It must be really pleasing to be able to see finished projects.