Monday, 16 September 2013

100 days are ended

Day 100

Saturday was Day 100 of the 100 day project. It culminated in a celebration of work by around 160 of the participants at the Nathan Club, Britomart, Auckland.
To see the individual images of my work and more detail about the project go to the 100 Day page

I stitched all of my pages together and pinned them to the wall as an unrolled scroll, a little more fun than just stuck on to the wall individually I thought:

Adding Day 100

There were many of the other exhibit with intriguing, fun, daft, clever, thoughtful ideas.
Jo Dixey's stitched spiders jumped out at me as soon as I walked through the door (fortunately only visually rather than literally):

I wasn't the only one having a close look at Jo Dixeys work

To find out more about Jo's work, go to her blog:

My daughters' favourite was a parody/homage to the Miranda series, my son liked the bike rebuild project and the lazer cut wooden toys, so there was something for everyone, and a glass or two of wine to go with it.

Many thanks to Emma Rogan who was the extraordinary instigator and organiser.

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Maggi said...

Looks like it was a highly successful exhibition, and so diverse. I enjoyed reading about yours and seeing the individual days in the link.