Thursday, 14 March 2013

Living Threads Pieces coming along now

A quick update today.
I am making five pieces based on local beaches which will be sent to the Living Threads Group Exhibition at Trent College, Long Eation, Derbyshire and then to the Beetroot Tree.
The long hard descision making and developing part is over. I have been working with a mixture of original images transfered to fabric and textures from the scenes, then a geometric collage to form  semi-abstract panels with the feeling of the space, rather than a simple rendition of the views.
 They are now assembled and ready for the finishing stitches and 'embellishments'. The finishing stitching etc. is the most relaxing part and really makes completes the pieces. For this I intend to use simple, repetitive hand stitches such as seeding, running, herringbone and blanket stitches, I am not sure whether to add beads yet, though I have some gorgeous handmade recycled glass beads from Maggi Relph at the African Fabric shop which might just be right.
They are very different to recent works, possibly an abberation or sideways step whilst I settle in and continue to take great daily pleasure in being at the coast, but I hope that you like them.

textile art, alysdn midgelow-marsden, piha
Piha beach

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden, textile art, Omaha Beach
Omaha Beach midday

textile art, omaha beach, alysn midgelow-marsden
Omaha Beach in the evening

textile art, rangitoto, alysn midgelow-marsden
Sunrise over Rangitoto

Textile art, alysn midgelow-marsden
Rothesay Bay

Just 3 days before the pieces have go in the post, so better get back to the needle and threads now.

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Maggi said...

Definitely a different direction for you but I like them and look forward to seeing them next month.