Thursday, 31 January 2013

Taster Workshops Coming Very Soon At Estuary Arts, Orewa

Sorry for the short notice, but, here are the workshops I have booked at Estuary Arts between February and April. They are mostly 2 hour taster sessions and will be light, fun and get you in the mood for more!
To get the full brocuhure, go to the Estuary Arts site.

Mixed Media Textiles and Embroidery

Quickie Introduction classes     
                                              with Alysn Midgelow-Marsden
$50                               Members $45 per person per class.                 Fee includes starter kit.
A textile artist from the UK, Alysn specialises in unusual materials combined with textile, fibre and embroidery techniques. Her classes are open to any level of experience (including none) – just bring enthusiasm for trying out something a bit different! All of the techniques Alysn introduces have possibilities for development once you have mastered the basic ideas.
Have a play with a mixture of tradition and innovation in textile, fibres, threads, paints, paper, metal and more! Each of these short sessions will concentrate on a small project, the materials are provided and you will take home a unique textile art piece.
All ‘Quickies’ have a starter kit built into the fee.
Get Hot With Angelina Fibres.
Tues 12 Feb 10am-12pm Make a small panel using fusible fibres and film in unusual ways to create impressed and distressed surfaces for you to complete with stitch and beads.

Founding Chains
Tues 12 Feb 1pm-3pm Use coloured metal wires and beads and the simplest of crochet stitches (the foundation chain) to make a bracelet, or necklace if you are quick.

Impressive Metal
Tues 26 Feb 10am-12pm Using fine metal and beads, create a truly ‘impressive’ artwork. Learn how to manipulate and colour metals and embellish with beads and fabric to create a small panel for use as a card, book cover or wall hanging.

Wild Weaving with Metals.
Tues 26 Feb 1pm-3pm Weave with wires, metals and beads to produce excitingly textured and sculptural surfaces. A great introduction to manipulating metals, meshes and wires.

Lasting Impressions.
Saturday 2 Mar 10am-12pm  Use Angelina Hot Fix fibres to make a raised and embossed, iridescent centrepiece, then enrich with beads, sequins and a little hand stitch to create a small panel for use as a card, book cover or wall hanging.

Getting to Know You.
Saturday 2 Mar 1pm-3pm  Spend a session learning how to ‘go off grid’ with your sewing machine. Get ready to see your sewing machine as an art tool – you may never want to stitch in a straight line again!
You must bring your sewing machine.

Stitch and Shrink.
Tues 5 Mar 1pm-3pm  Colour and stitch, add fabrics and beads to Shrink Plastic then see it transform into a unique brooch, pendant or small panel

Wire crochet Jewellery
Sat 23 Mar 10am-12pm Crochet a pretty and wearable piece of jewellery using metal wires and pretty beads.

Silk and Fibre Papers for Backgrounds.
Tues 2 Apr 1pm-3pm  An addictive technique using silk, flax, linen and other fibres to ‘felt’ together with acrylic mediums. These can later be painted, gilded, stitched, cut etc. for use in other projects.

Take a Stab at it.
Tues 16 Apr 10am-12pm Use dry needle punch techniques to combine ultra thin reflective copper, Angelina and other fibres and threads. Then add a smattering of beads and sequins for a real ‘wow’ factor result.

If these sessions have interested you, then look out for regular classes by Alysn in future terms.

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