Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Flattery will get you on this blog!

I am definitely of an age where I am susceptible to a bit of flattery, so this week I have been made to feel very happy! Having been told I couldn’t be more than in my 30’s on one day, I was asked last night if I was a university fresher - if only! 
The sweetest comments came from Martin, who says he is a printer trying to express his creative side and who asked to take my picture at the Knitting and Stitching Show in London last week. On sending the image and after my complaints about the increasing amount of wrinkles on show, he wrote:

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me yesterday and for graciously letting me take this picture of you.
Just so you know, you are now standing in one of the halls at Harwick looking at a Tapestry of the Old Amlwch Copper Mine (created by me photographically), all with an delicate over lay of your own workmanship.
I would be happy to hear what others think of your likeness but would be very surprised if they don't love it. Our face belongs to us, each little line, each contour tells a story that only gets deeper more interesting and more mysterious with time, how can you not love it. That little wisp of hair coming down your neck and onto your collar, how perfect is that.

What can you say to that?
And here it is ....

It is also flattering and gratifying to receive images of work inspired by my teaching. Gillian sent me these:

The design is based on machinery at Killhope Lead Mining Museum in the North Penines and has been made using Vilene painted with brusho dyes, then with the iron reactive metal paint and immediately spritzed with rust activator. The background is an original North country strippy quilt.
The piece is called 'Links' made for exhibition entitled ' HEAVY METAL ' shown at the Festival of Quilts  2012, then travelling to 4 venues in the North East during 2013.
Now I can add my own flattery to the many artists whose work was on display at the Knitting and Stitching show, and if you didn’t catch it there, you have 2 more chances, one in Dublin (1-4 Nov) and another in Harrogate (22-25 Nov).
Unfortunately the show was so busy I had very little time to enjoy the work on display. Usually I manage to get in early and have a lovely quiet walk around before I am back to my stand and another chance at the end of the day when most visitors have left, but not this year. It must be a sign of how popular the show is that I was meeting and chatting to visitors every minute of every day. Thanks to all of you who commented on the work I was showing and enjoyed the workshop.
There was an inevitability about my being drawn to one piece from the exhibition of embroidery curated by ‘Mr X Stitch’ Jamie Chalmers.

My friend Val Holmes launched her new book all about collagraphy techniques for textile artists ‘Collage, Stitch, Print’. I have not quite finished reading my copy yet, but already find it a comprehensive guide to what materials and techniques I can use, even without a printing press in many cases.
The four artists exhibiting ‘Material Space: In Touch’ is a great display, using many recycled, upcycled and ephemera in their work. Thoughtful and quirky.
I tried really hard to see the ‘Landmarks’ work by Jean Draper, whose work I admire very much, but having just had laser eye surgery, my detailed vision is still compromised and I couldn’t appreciate the delicate, dense textures and forms she has created – sorry Jean.
Other exhibitions at the show which I also really had no time to look at included the graduate showcase, the Alice Kettle and Jane McKeating exhibition launching their book ‘Hand Stitch Perspectives’, The 62 Group,( apart from being drawn to Louise Baldwin’s piece, probably as it is similar to one I bought from her at the Beetroot Tree), Cas Holmes (another textile artist who we have recently shown at the Beetroot Tree),  Anglia Textile Works, Jane Hall, Ann Small and just so many others, let alone the many individual artists on their stands such as mine. As I type, I am beginning to feel that I will have to make time to get to Harrogate for a catch up on that list!

Louise Baldwin

Detail from Louise's work

For now it is back to preparing for my ‘Easy Peasy Gilding’ workshop in two days.
Don’t forget that if you want to check out where I am teaching in the UK over the next few months, go to the ‘Out and About’ page and look for dates and places.

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