Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cold Enamelling

I have just recieved a disc full of images from a workshop I ran for ArtCore a couple of weeks ago. ArtCore is a community art centre run by Ruchita and Zahir in Derby.

The workshop was focuses on a fairly new technique called cold enamelling. It uses what I presume are plastic powders which melt at 150 deg.C., so a tealight candle or an electric oven is all you need along with pliers or a clothes peg to grip the pieces as you move them from the heat. We have just started stocking the equipment and powders at the Beetroot Tree (so new they are not on the web yet -but keep checking!)

 I was showing the participants a variety of techniques to get simple and quick effects with layers of enamel.
As there was only a limited materias budget I had tried a variety of base media and decided we could use CD's. When CD's are softened in warm water they cut very easily and into some pretty intricate shapes as you can see from the pictures below.
Everyone had a great time and took away hangings or jewellery for themselves and for friends.

How about that for a bit of fun with possibilities for development?

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