Friday, 27 May 2011

Memory (and the loss of)

At the age of very nearly 91, my Nana had lived a good life, enjoyed herself, brought up her children, seen her grand-children and a good brood of great-grandchildren grow up and was still very much in love with her childhood sweetheart and husband of too many years to count!
She had been progressively deteriorating from the effects of Alzheimer's for the last eight or nine years as well as living with the increasing frailties of old age. In early February this year she died.
As those of you who have been in contact with relatives or friends who are affected by dementia of any kind will understand, it is heartbreaking to watch someone change. It is equally upsetting for the people around the affected person.
We were in the fortunate position of having actively involved family members who were able to look after Nana and Grandad and to ensure that all of the help they could be given was available, many are not so fortunate and that must be awful.

So it was a serendipitous situation that at the Beetroot Tree we are having an exhibition during the summer (30th July -11th September) called 'Memory'. This includes large scale figurative sculpture with shards of glass intersecting wooden forms, stitched street scenes, photography and memories preserved in glass, ceramic and books. It is a diverse selection of artworks linked by memory or the loss of. The artists we have selected are Dale Shields, Alice Walton, Sam Johnson, Victoria Simpson, Jo Brudenell, Adele Billinghay, Fiona Thompson.

Adele Bilinghay

Fiona Thompson

Sam Johnson

Victoria Simpson

Dale Sheilds

Work from a house shaped template ...
 Because of the link to the death of my Nana, we are organising events throughout the exhibition to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society.
I know that I am not alone in having a close encounter with Alzheimer's and I am sure it won't be the last one either, so I would be really pleased if you can spread the word about the activities and take part yourselves

... or a chest style template.

We have made an easy way for as many people as possible to help us to raise funds for this special cause, and to have a bit of crafty-fun at the same time by creating a  a template and instructions pack for you to create your own Memory Box which you purchase, make and then and have it (or them) exhibited alongside our main exhibition!

There will be other fund-raising efforts during the exhibition including a raffle of artworks donated by the exhibiting artists and an evening of memory fun and games on 4th August so please checkout Memory exhibition at The Beetroot Tree as information goes live nearer the time.

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