Friday, 11 March 2011

Meet the boys ...

As you will be hearing lots about the dogs, I thought I would introduce them.
We have two border collies, a black and white called 'Stjarna' (Norwegian (I think) for 'star' which is his pedigree name) and Idris who is red/chocolate and white, taking his name from a welsh king, from Cader Idris the Welsh 'mountain' near to which he was born and true to the meaning of the word is red and impatient!
In this picture they are looking much cleaner than usual as our walks involve lots of water and lots of mud as a general rule.

Thread Booklet 1
This morning was lovely and bright and warm in the sun, but still very windy in the open, so all cobwebs (and possibly a few brain cells) have been blown away ready to get on.

Thread booklet with open containers
I love books and containers and have played with various structures before. Right now I am making a version of a 'folded thread booklet' which originates from South West China. The original is made from painted paper with a fabric cover and as you can see opens out into many boxes and layers which are for storing threads, needles, partly made embroideries etc.
Thread Booklet 2
If you have ever come across these booklets, you will have been as mesmerised as I was when I first saw them. The Beetroot Tree will be showing some during our '2 Continents' exhibition which is to be held between 23rd April and 5th June showing fantastic textiles and sculptures from Africa and Asia from the collections of John Gillow and Martin Conlan - I know I will be financially poorer by the end of the exhibition, but I do love my textile collection and so will be richer in spirit! 
Starting to make my own version

Getting back to the point, my thread booklet is to be made from Lutradur which is currently being stitched prior to burning away and I think addition of texture gels -that bit is yet to be decided -you know how it is when experimenting.

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