Monday, 28 March 2011

Lots to tell ...

Where do the weeks go? It was Monday, then it was Sunday.
However, this mornings' walk was beautiful - an early morning fog and a ground frost, all overlaid by a sun which was bright and warm. I do need new wellies though - one has developed a leak!

Apart from the usual weekly tasks, my main focus this week has been to move forward on the 'Folded Thread Booklet' and to complete my examples for a new workshop which was happening on Saturday.
First the Thread Booklet. I love the effect of the texture gels, and when combined with reactive metal paints it's scrummy. I needed to see how a few different  textures and colours worked together ...

Heavy Gel Gloss with Copper paint
and Green Patina Solution
Heavy Gloss Gel with Baroque Paint and Patina
Blended Fibre Gel, Iron Pint and Rust Patina
Resin Sand Gel with Bronze Paint and Blue Patina Solution

Deciding on the heavy gel, a favourite paisley print block to texture the gel with and the baroque paint and patina solution, I set to on the Thread Booklet. Obviously, had I been less impatient, I would have done this before making up the booklet - but that's how it goes!

Adding texture gel in the pockets

Wet texture gel

I now have a painted and patinated booklet which is ready for stitch. More to follow as it happens.

Texture Gel when dry, ready for painting
Painted, ready for patina

The workshop on Saturday was held for the Living Threads Group. The idea was to get out that bag of bits that none of us can quite bear to throw out, the bits and pieces that are all tangled up, the snippings of threads from other pieces, sweet papers, sequins etc. These were stitched or fused together, then cut up to create other appliquéd surfaces. Most of the pictures are on my Flickr. Just a couple here:

Small book cover with trapped scrap appliqué

Heritage style panel using trapped scraps to make a textured background fabric.
I got away with out burning food this week by the expedient technique of handing that responsibility to others!

Steve at Big Ant Video has just completed filming for me and I will sheare the link as soon as it is published.
Have a good day.

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