Thursday, 10 March 2011

In the beginning ...

What a week to be starting this, burnt pancakes were only a part of it, other offerings below.

After several weeks of fairly solid working and sore fingers I have just completed my latest series of textile works. These are created from metal fabrics (stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze, Lutradur and stitch, they are all based on views which I see daily on my dog walks. The process has been filmed and will soon be edited for you to see - I'll let you know as soon as it's ready. Here are some of the pieces:

'The Back Field'
'Black O'er Bills'
'Moonset at Sunrise'
'Standing Alone'

I have also signed the contract for my next book, working with Search Press it will explore ideas for using metal, fibres, mixed media and stitch, with a hoped for publication date of autumn 2012. This will be exciting as I really enjoy having to develop new ideas and explore new materials.
And finally, it was one of my favourite outings of the year on Sunday -The Antiques Textile Fair in Manchester. This fair is like visiting a museum except you can actually get your hands on the goodies and bring them home! I'll no doubt be using some of the fabrics, lace, buttons, thread and 'bits' that I picked up soon enough. I will also get pleasure from the early hand-made chain 'misers purse' I found and the full length Edwardian linen coat will make me feel very special when I 'swoosh' around in it.

After that, it is back to paperwork and tidying my studio ready to get on with new pieces.

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Unknown said...

I had the privilege of seeing some of these pieces “in the making” and now on show at The Beetroot Tree Gallery as part of “lines in the Land” exhibition. Stunning work, as usual, especially the bold use of colour!