Monday, 14 March 2011

Appreciating a lovely spring morning

 Burnt offerings this weekend were the new 'lemon and mascarpone muffins' which we are trying out for the Gallery cafe - I was left tending them and forgot -as usual!

Walking along the floodbank
With the horrendous news about Japan over the weekend, I really appreciated my walk this morning.
It was a frosty morning with a frill of ice on the waters' edge but a clear sky and bright sun, which after a long winter is finally beginning to feel warm,  the wild garlic and pussy willow coming through, birds singing, I saw the first pair of Curlews and heard the Woodpecker loud and clear.

A few crochet with wire and bead samples
My middle daughter is just doing her GCSE exams, and for her sea inspired art project was really taken by the art pieces of Arline Fisch  ( which is great because I have a couple of her books and was able to help - don't you feel privileged when your children actually ask for help?!

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